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Çırak (2016)

1h 26min   |   Turkish
Producer: Enes Erbay

Director: Emre Konuk

Alim (35) has been working as a tailor apprentice for 15 years with his master Yakub (60). He keeps on living his life, stuck in between the atelier and his home. He is a person who is obsessed with necrophobia. That's why he decides to move to a closer neighborhood, but this small change will be a milestone for him.


- Ankara International Film Festival Best Supporting Actress (Winner) Most Promising Actor (Winner)

Most Promising Director (Winner)

Most Promising Writer (Winner)


- Antalya Golden Orange Film

Best First Feature Film

Best Supporting Actress


- İstanbul International Film Festival Seyfi Teoman Best First Feature Film

- Oldenburg Film Festival

Best Feature Film

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